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Terpenes [Cannabis-derived]

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Cannabis Terpenes from the Himalaya

Whether you are an edible manufacturer, e-liquid or extraction company, we are your trusted supplier of 100% real cannabis-derived terpenes.


Himalaya Gold
100ml = 35 euro / ml
1000ml = 30 euro / ml

Snow Flake
100ml = 40 euro / ml
1000ml = 35 euro / ml

Yak Cheese
100ml = 40 euro / ml
1000ml = 35 euro / ml


Our partner in Nepal is an essential oil distillery that utilizes steam distillation for cannabis landraces in the Himalaya. We can provide unique characteristic flavours from sun-grown organic plants grown in different areas in Nepal, harvested and extracted in small batches by a family business. We set high-quality standards in selecting our business partners as well as our products. Our vision is to produce the best quality and natural terp-profile accessible to everyone.

lab tested - samples available - limited and seasonal product