• Your trusted B2B/OEM partner for CBD cosmetics

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Your trusted B2B/OEM partner for CBD cosmetics

Increase revenue

Increase your revenue over 100%+ by adding CBD to your product line.

Use white-label

Use our white-label skincare network and start your own brand today.

Buy certified CBD

Buy certified CBD oil cosmetics and work fully compliant.

Our standard range

Our standard range.
Organic poppy seed oil
Organic hemp seed oil
Organic linseed oil
Organic rapeseed oil
On request.
Organic grape seed oil
Organic coconut oil
and many more

CBD Concentration 5/10/15/25%
BIOS-Austria certified.

Skincare brand

Have you always dreamed of your own skincare brand?
The star ingredient CBD gives you a head start when entering the market and increases the margins from day 1.


The use of industrial hemp seeds, leaves and stems as well as CBD — extracted from these plant parts — as long as they are not mixed with the fruit stands/flowers, is allowed in cosmetic products according to the UN Single Convention 1961.

Added value

Ready to enter the World of CBD?

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SEVEN:TEN Labs is strategically located in Vienna, the heart of Europe, with strong relationships across the region.

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Organic Hemp | Quality Assurance

Enthusiastic about unspoiled nature, innovative technology and beautiful skin, we strive to distribute cannabinoid-products for cosmetic use of the most exceptional quality. 

Our CBD is grown on our bio-certified 200 acres in Upper Austria and sourced from reliable partners within Europe.

Our Isolate and Distillate is made from hand-picked industrial hemp. Only leaves and stems are used to extract CBD and CBG for legal cosmetic use.